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February 17, 2016


Joyce Moyer Hostetter

I love fresh figs! Also love finding those connections in stories.

Denise Gruska

God, I love Susan Patron. She always says everything just right. And, in this case, complete with an alternative.


Great stuff! Thanks Tina.

Barbara Bietz

I love this inspiring tip! Thanks for bringing us such wonderful thoughts about writing.


val hobbs

How delightful! Great advice, too. Now if I can only relate a hawk's feather to leftover meatloaf. . .

Caroline Hatton

A fresh fig, what a delicious idea! Thanks for suggesting it, Susan. Another good substitute is the kind of big, plump Calimyrna fig that's packaged, yet soft and moist, not dry. As the French say, "miam-miam!"

June Sobel

I have a fig tree in my backyard. I'm going out to pick a basket of them before I sit down to work!

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