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August 20, 2015


Lee Wind

Thanks, to both Barbara and Tina. I liked this tip. It reminded me of a recent comment at writer's day by Michael Sterns, that you have to do enough research so your writing just crystalizes - kind of like the well has to be full enough to be able to draw from it... and "voice" comes from a full well!

Linda Aksomitis

I couldn't agree more!

Meredith Resnick

What a lovely site you have!

I wanted to mention that Barbara is also the new Alphabet Soup columnist on The Writer's Journey...she'll be dishing out more writing insights on a regular basis!


Terry P.

Excellent advice, Barbara! I love your comment about voice being the heart and soul of the character and how that is brought out. Thanks for sharing!

Patricia Cruzan

Thank you, Ms. Bietz and Tina, for including the tip of the day. The tip offered is included in the book I'm reading now, which is Don't Sabotage Your Submission by Chris Roerden. Even though the author in the book is referring to adult manuscripts, the same principle holds true for children's books. Barbara presents voice in a nutshell.

Tina, your site is a great source of information.

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