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August 15, 2014


Dianne White

Excellent. Yes, bravery is what's needed. So wonderful to hear your good words. Thanks, Val (and Tina, of course!).

Sherrie Petersen

Great tip, Val! I'm not surprised. You're full of wisdom (and so was Rachel Vail!!).

Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes

Well said, Valerie. It does take bravery to go to those depths and emtoions that make the character live.

Lupe F.

Looking good Valerie. Can I call you Val? Too personal?

Lori W.

Love it. I recently observed the jr. high kids at our neighborhood block party. What a painful reminder of those awkward years! Yes, it'd take some bravery to mentally go back there . . . Thanks Tina and Val!

Greg Trine

Nice one, Tina (and Val). I have some pretty horrifying memories...gotta bravely go back there and take a gander.


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