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August 08, 2014


Pauli Reading

Thank you so much for the wonderful tip! My book is based on a character education program I do in elementary schools using 13 canine helpers. I never thought of possibly partnering with groups promoting character education or possibly animal organizations. I also work with children with Autism and could possibly partner with the autistic society in my area. I really appreciate the advice. Know it is much appreciated! Pauli Reading

Michelle Markel

Alexis and Tina- thanks for the post. Partnership happens-I did a school visit recently that was funded by a grant from TARGET.

Vicki Wittenstein

Thanks Tina and Alexis for letting us in on possible funding for school visits. What a great idea to link our book topics to organizations in the community.
-Vicki Wittenstein

Great tip and thanks for including the funding info link!


Tina - Thanks so much for posting this! Here's the link for funding information that I mentioned in the video:
I'd love to have folks share their partnering successes! ALEXIS

claudia harrington

What a great a simple tip! Thanks!

Mary Ann Dames, - Reading, Writing, and Recipes

Wow! I hadn't even thought of the option of partnering. Thanks Alexis and Tina.

Lee Wind

Alexis is so smooth and professional in front of a camera,you totally can get the sense of how fun and confident she must be doing her school visit presentations... And what a great tip!
Thanks to you both,

Greg Trine

Great advice. Always nice to see Alexis's cheerful face.

Irene Latham

Tina and Alexis - it's a great tip!! Since my book LEAVING GEE'S BEND is historical and has a quilting theme, some schools have asked local quilting and historical groups. You find out very quickly who really REALLY wants this experience for their students... those that are willing to go after the funding are MY heroes!

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