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July 25, 2014



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valerie hobbs

It was fun to follow you out into the admiring crowd wearing my $3.00 red mask (clothes as well, folks!)and capturing some of that stardust and glitter. You're the bomb, Tina. I could feel the expectation in the crowd--"What's she wearing this year?" I like that you did it all as a tribute. Lin and Steve are such generous, lovely people. Where would we be without them?

Caz Williams

Oh my goodness! I'm sure I saw you in this outfit, but did not recognise you! Well done, and thanks for your great session on 'making the most of your first conference'. I sure did! I think I may have to schedule another Perth-LA flight next year.

And Tina's friend passed out small white "Heart & Soul" buttons showing Lin & Steve's pictures, a nice memento, completing the clever package. Congratulations!

Dianne White

I don't know how I missed seeing you at the party, but I'm sooo glad I got to see your costume here. As, always, it's terrific!

Anne Broyles

I always love to see what you come up with for the Annual Conference costume. You're a dangerous (and creative) woman with a glue gun!

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