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September 16, 2013



Love it, love the trailer. I remember Janet Squires and her cute book from the SCBWI Ventura/Santa Barbara Retreat at the Mission in 2007. May the Gingerbread Cowboy ride on!


Wonderful job! And great way to keep the buzz for the book going!

Erica Silverman

This is an absolutely brilliant book trailer, Tina. Perfect pacing. Fun and dramatic. Captures the flavor of the book. I love it.


I've always loved the Gingerbread Man, but putting him in cowboy boots is awesome!


Have to say that's the cutest cowboy gingerbread man I've ever seen. I just want to bite his lil hat off ;)

Eunice Boeve

Neat! It's great all the way around, the music, the images, the text.

Barbara Jean Hicks

Love the music and the animation, Tina--good job for a back list book that deserves more attention!

Cathe Olson

I can't believe I've never seen this book . . . what a cute twist on the classic story! I think my students would love it.

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