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August 20, 2012



I found it very interesting to learn that longer picture books are not selling as well. My daughter is just at the stage of wanting to listen to longer books and now that I think about it, we do usually pick up chapter books to read when we are looking for something longer. However, I have found she really likes to listen to smaller sized chapter books with multiple color illustrations like "The Night Fairy" and "Emmaline and the Bunny." She does love to look at the illustrations while I read.

James Luna

I agree with Ms. Tegen's comment on the power of picture books to encourage the imagination of children. I can't wait to read Floating on Mama's Song.

Laura Lacamara

Wow, Doret! Am so glad my story (and Yuyi's art) moved you! I appreciate your post here and on your fantastic blog! Look forward to seeing the review. Thanks a million!

Laura Lacamara

Thank you, Terri, for your lovely comment!

Laura Lacamara

Thanks, Suzy! You've been a terrific supporter, and I appreciate that.


Thank you so much for aquiring and publishing Floating on Mama's Song. I loved it and reviewed it today.

When I was reading it there were moments when I could see it as a really good middle grade novel. Lacamara gave so much goodness.

I wanted to know more about the mama who loved opera, with the beautiful magical voice.

Then there's the grandmother , there's simply a lot of great layers in this beautifully done story.

And don't even get me started on Morales crazy good illustrations.

Thanks again for getting Floating on Mama's Song out into the world. I am off to put my review on Amazon. 5 stars of course.

Terri Hoover Dunham

Great interview and this book sounds very interesting and uplifting.

Terri Hoover Dunham
The Legend of Papa Noel: A Cajun Christmas Story

Suzy Engelman Block

Always great to hear what turns editors on (so to speak)....Loving all the interviews that give us insights into Laura's work! Best of luck for the book!

Laura Lacamara

Whoops! I almost forgot - thank you to Jen Christie for your comment as well! (It sounds like you know Katherine personally!)

And, of course, a huge 'Thank You!' to Tina Coury for hosting my Blog Tour today & for putting up a wonderful interview with Katherine Tegen! -L

Laura Lacamara

Thank you: Lee, Laurie Y., & Mara - The support of my fellow authors, illustrators, & creative-type folks has helped keep me going through this rewarding, yet tiring process!

Leticia - It makes me so happy to know that my story is reaching Argentina & other parts of Latin America! (I consider Los Angeles part of Latin America as well.)

Scott ... and ... Nancy - My husband, Hal, informs me that we must have an e-mail address for you, in order to enter you in the book giveaway contest for Floating on Mama's Song. You two (Nancy & Scott) can post your e-mail addresses here, on my Facebook page, or send them to Hal at:

Muchas gracias to all concerned! -L

Laurie Young

Tina, Thanks for such an interesting interview. It's always great to hear how an editor thinks and what draws them to a manuscript.

Mara Thompson

Dear Katherine and Laura!

Congratulations on the release of this wonderful book!

Jen Christie

KBT, I never knew about the Oreos! x,JC


I cannot wait to read this book - sounds wonderful! Thanks for the great interview, too!


What a wonderful idea for a story. May I also suggest green tea creme brulee as a very yummy dessert.

Lee Wind

Fun! And a great reminder that a manuscript really has to resonate with an editor for them to acquire it. Thanks to you all for the interview!

Leticia Pontoni

I am an argentina fan from Laura Lacamara and Yuyi Morales. Many children will enjoy this new book. Go ahead!! Buy this book!!
Leticia Pontoni.

Hal Martin

Tina & Katherine:
Enjoyed reading the interview! Thanks for the truly valuable insights into the picture book market.
Funny, it's before breakfast time, yet I find I'm hungry for dessert! -- HMB <3 (Laura's spouse)

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