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September 23, 2011


Barbara Jean

Linda, I'm certainly going to try!

Linda Silvestri

Sounds good Barbara! But hopefully you'll be by sometime in the not-too-distant future, for a visit!

Barbara Jean

Barbara: In person is much more fun! We need to have a critique group reunion.

Caroline: "Impish fun" is a great description of my goal for my picture books. Clever I can hope for!

Linda: Since I can't make first Wednesdays any more, virtual Fridays will have to do. Let's make it a regular date. :-)

Linda Silvestri

Oh how exciting! I'll be sure to tune in every Friday. Can't wait for all your pearls of wisdom, Barbara!

Caroline Corser

Hey, Barbara...

How absolutely exciting to see you with a column on writing. You have such a wealth of information and experience, it's bound to be a resounding success!
P.S. I love your photo. It's so impish, foretelling fun and clever thoughts.
Keep Smiling!

Barbara Bietz

Barbara Jean,

I am so excited to see you on Tina's blog. Reading your words of wisdom is almost as good as seeing you in person. I look forward to learning more from you -
Barbara B

Barbara Jean

Helen: I knew I wasn't the only one hoarding books and notebooks! I'm looking forward to spending time with them again.

Jackie: Thanks for your wonderful and ongoing support--you are a treasure.

Lois: So nice to hear from you! I'm actually splitting my time between Washington and California. One of those upheavals I mentioned was my dad's death in July. My mom is in assisted living in Bellingham. I've connected with a couple of people in the B'ham SCBWI and hope to get to the Seattle meetings once in a while when I'm in the Northwest. Would love to see you again!

Lois V. Harris

Marvelous idea, Tina! And Barbara: Welcome back to the Northwest. I saw your name label at the registration table at SCBWI/WA's 9/8 meeting but didn't see you in the crowd. One of the conference packets I refer to again and again is from SCBWI's January 2007 Ventura/SB Retreat where you spoke and provided handouts on school presentations. My first book would be published that fall, and I soaked up your helpful info and tips. Many times, I've returned to those handouts and found the help I needed. Looking forward to Fridays on the blog!

Jacquelyn Raftery Imrich

Bravo, Barb! So glad to see your shining face appearing here! I'll look forward to Fridays with you. Talk to you off line about your new whereabouts and your life! May all be well with you!
Your friend, pal, cohort, supporter, what have you, with love,

P.S. Thanks, Tina, for having Barb! xo

Helen Landalf

I'm so excited about your column, Barb! I, too, have stacks of writing books and notebooks full of workshop and conference notes that I rarely look at. Your post is a good reminder to pull them out when I need some guidance or inspiration.

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