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September 30, 2011


Barbara Jean

Good advice, Wanda. I like the idea of posting the standards related to your book on your website. The fact that you're a docent for a location to which teachers bring kids on field trips spurred another idea: authors might partner with organizations that host field trips by sending educational materials related to their book to classrooms the week before field trips are scheduled. Has anyone tried this?

Wanda Snow Porter

Because of budget problems, CA is not now reviewing books as supplemental reading material. Despite this, on my website I put a parent/teacher page to guide them about what standards are fulfilled by my historical novel, Spurs for Jose. As a docent for Dana Adobe, I see how kids get much more out of our school program when teachers prepare them before they come on a field trip.

Barbara Jean

Great idea, Alexis. Teachers and librarians are an author's best friends. They can give us insight into what kids most enjoy reading as well as what they are learning at different grade levels, which can help us focus our writing. They also have first-hand experience with what kids just don't seems to "get" when it comes to reading, which can help us focus our presentations. I like it!

Alexis O'Neill

Barbara Jean - This is such an important topic! Thanks for bringing it up. In order to be relevant, authors do need to be aware of educational standards as they build their assembly and workshop programs. What I would recommend is that they focus on standards that teachers might be having a harder time with or ones that they especially need help in reinforcing with their students. Authors should make friends with some local "insiders" (teachers) and make a list of the "hot" standards that authors would be particularly good in addressing.


Janet Squires

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