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April 05, 2011


Joan Bransfield Graham

Thanks, Robyn--so good to hear from you! Glad you liked "Buckaroo Bees" and POETRY TAG TIME. You have some amazing photos on your Web site--especially the "captive audience" for Storytime! And the baby zedonk is adorable. Tina, thanks, for your lovely introduction and the opportunity to celebrate poetry.

Robyn Hood Black

Thank you for sharing, Tina! And Joan, I had the wonderful good fortune to meet you in LA in 2007 (Lee's Poetry Master Class year). Thanks for your generous spirit. I downloaded Poetry Tag Time last week - what a fun idea and terrific collection. Love your Buckaroo Bees! Yeee-hi. :0)

Joan Bransfield Graham

Thanks, Irene, for your kind words--I enjoyed "meeting" you and visiting your beautiful Web site! Tina's blog is incredible and inspired me to do a trailer for my poetry/music CD--THE SONG WE CHOSE TO SING: . Poetry can take many forms. On April 1 the first ever e-poetry anthology POETRY TAG TIME premiered. It features 30 poets, and I'm delighted to be included: . It's downloadable for .99 in many formats, even for your computer. This anthology is being donated free to Worldreader for a literacy campaign for children in Ghana and Kenya. Happy National Poetry Month!

Irene Latham

Isn't Joan lovely! And great advice. (I am constantly reminding myself to use those vigorous verbs!) Thanks, Tina.

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