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January 06, 2011



Working in a library is definitely one of the most inspiring arenas for a writer. I worked in a library and I think I simply absorbed more imagination and creativity. Whoever thoughtr up libraries was possibly the smartest person who ever lived.

~ Yaya
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susan patron

It thrills me to the core to see my name in the sentence that begins, "Authors whose new books I await with eagerness..." Thanks, Eva, for that and for your fighting spirit during the dark days at LAPL. And many thanks to Tina for this interview. I've linked to it on facebook.

Mary Ann Dames, - Reading, Writing, and Recipes

Librarians are my friends. Kudos to them all. Tina, I linked to this interview at my site. Yes!


Good luck to you, Eva, fighting the good fight as you are!

And thanks so much for the mention--I am flattered as all get out!


With all the turmoil at LAPL I am personally thankful that Eva took on the new challenge. Her energy and wit will be much needed in the days ahead!

Lisa Gail Green

What a great interview! Save the libraries! My mother was a librarian (retired) and I too was raised on books.

Terry Doherty

The LA Public Library System is very lucky to have Eva! Even with all the turmoil, her passion and love of kidlit shines through in this interview. Thanks, Tina.


Yay librarians!!!!

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