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January 02, 2011


Beth Mithen

Wow! I never thought to google topics I was researching. Thanks Greg, that makes so much sense!

Mark McVeigh

Google Alerts DEFINITELY beat Googling yourself when trying to avoid work! Thanks, Greg!

Tina Nichols Coury

Re: [Tales from the Rushmore Kid] Greg Pincus submitted a comment to Greg Pincus - Cyber Tip of the Day


Great Tip! Thanks Again,


Jessica Leader

I know this was not the main point of the video, but it was so nice to see Greg in person! I 'attended' some of his online conversations in the fall, and I appreciated his sound, practical advice as well as his kindness (which was amply evident in dealing with technical glitches!) In a world where we know so many people by their font, it was refreshing to attach a face to the name.

Jessica Inman

That is a great tip! I've never thought of doing this. It would be great for research.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter

Oh, well, that was good! I do have google alerts on my book titles but not my name and I never even thought of research topics.


Thanks Tina. Thanks, Greg!

Greg Pincus

Thanks for the kind words, Tina, and for a blog packed full o' goodies, too. (Oh, and for the record, I'm still fired up about the power of blogging :-))

I'm glad to see folks using alerts - they're a great tool for knowledge AND they help me be more efficient, too.

I met Greg at the 2007 SCBWI Santa Barbara Retreat where he was all fired up about the power of blogging. I've used Google Alerts for several months. It notifies me when my book is listed on internet bookseller sites. If something is wrong with the listing (age range, etc.), I can notify the bookseller to correct it. It's also fun to read what someone half way around the world writes about your book.

Mary Ann Dames, M.S., R.D.

I'll second Greg's suggestion. I use Google Alerts for all variations of my name and for topics in which I'm interested. Through Google Alerts I discovered someone who was taking my works without permission.

Barbara Bietz

Greg always has great advice - and graciously shares with all of us!


Another great tip from Greg! Thanks!!!

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