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October 05, 2010


Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes

Great interview. Love Ogg and Bob, too.

Lori W.

So, my eleven-year-old son and I read this interview. We say, "This book looks funny." Thank you for sharing.

Mary Ann Fraser

Great interview Tina, and thanks everybody for the support. The fun thing about cavemen is they get to do all those things you're mother tells you not to--like eat with your fingers, bring your rocks and sticks in the house, and chuck the bones from dinner in the corner.

Caroline Arnold

I loved the interview! Wow! Now I want to read the books and give them to my grandchildren. Congratulations Tina, MaryAnn and Ian!

Michele Corriel

Great interview! It's nice to know that a good story translates into whatever kind of reading device is in style.

Jo S. Kittinger

Cave Boys - now why didn't I think of that brilliant idea! And how great that a mother and son team were able to do this together. I bet boys are gonnna eat this up! (of course, with their fingers!)

Erica Silverman

Great interview, Tina and Marilyn. And congrats to Ian and MaryAnn! This sounds like a book that will really grab young readers.

Greg Trine

Ogg and Bob...I crack up every time I say it. Congrats on the new series, Mary Ann and Ian!

Cathe Olson

This book looks like so much fun . . . and perfect timing as I am working on a book order for my elementary school library! How cool that this is a mother/son collaboration!

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