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October 22, 2010


Janice Wasserman

I teach elementary school in the inner city. I would like to turn my kids onto Hendrix (since I am a child of the sixties)and read this book to them. They are fourth and fifth graders. Would this be appropriate for them?

Michele Corriel

I've heard of this book and think Jimi Hendrix is actually a brilliant idea for a picture book! I can't wait to read it.

Jenny Bailey

Very informative interview and I admire how hard Lynne worked to be an editor. And I'm glad that she thinks the picture book is not a dead medium.

Wanda Vaughn

I've got to get a copy for my husband, who saw Jimi in concert (and got the t-shirt lol) I'm always impressed when an author can take an unusual subject (or person) and weave it into something fun for kids to read!

Wanda Vaughn

Ramey Channell

Jimi Sounds Like a Rainbow sounds like a wonderful book! Jimi Hedrix is one of my favorite rock musicians; can't wait to see the book.

Katie Davis

This book is GORGEOUS! Congratulations - everyone who worked on this book did a great job. Very impressive.

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