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June 28, 2010




Thanks for inviting Kelly to share her story - what an inspiration! I'd bet Oprah would LOVE to learn about Kelly's Ripple!

Angela Russell

PS - I am the proud owner of #733 - Love for the Beaches and Oceans. Awesome all around! Angela

vicki leon

Tina, this is SO terrific and spotlights the true heart and value of individuals who make a difference--and inspire us as well. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the world's problems and turn away. Much harder to put in your two cent's worth in a way that ripples out. Thanks again, and please profile other kidlit authors and illustrators! Cheers, Vicki Leon

Angela Russell

Tina - thanks for posting this. And Kelly, thank you for what you're doing. As a seabird rescuer, I can barely discuss the oil spill. Just reading your post makes me cry for 2 reasons, the heart break and pain I feel for all the animals and for the wonderful help you're giving. It's so true that together, we can do grand things, but you, individually, have done something equally as grand. IBRRC is an amazing organization and they answer all the world's oil disasters trying to save birds. I'm sure they are as grateful as I am for everything you've done and continue to do. Thank you. Angela Russell

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