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May 04, 2010


Carol Tanzman

A new Val Hobbs book! How exciting... can't wait to read it (especially after seeing the trailer!).
Carol Tanzman

Joan Bransfield Graham

Congrats to both of you! Tina, a winning trailer. Val, hooray on the starred review in Booklist and have a terrific tour.


Eloise Freeman

Terrific job, Tina!!! What a delightful & intriguing way to present Val Hobbs' book.

Can't wait to read it. Always love to read
Val's compelling stories!

mary hershey

Most fabulous! Congrats on a job well done-- a most successful collaboration, you two! :-]

With admiration,
Mary Hershey

Cathe Olson

My students are going to love this book (and me too). Can't wait to get a copy.

Sherrie Petersen

Yay, Val! I'm looking forward to reading this book :)

Lori Walker

Fabulous trailer, Tina! Can't wait to read this one, Val!

Barbara Bietz

Wonderful trailer - heartwarming story! Val and Tina - you make a perfect pair.


Great trailer, Tina. I love the story and can't wait to read another one of Val's novels. She's been such an inspiration for me!

Debra Black

Well done trailer and the book sounds fabulous. I would love a copy to review for . Best wishes for a successful tour.

Marni McGee

What a fabulous trailer -- a tribute to both of you, Val and Tina! Can't wait to read THE BEST LAST DAYS OF SUMMER. Tina, you have created such suspense!
With double admiration,

valerie hobbs

This is so much fun. Thanks to Tina for the launch, for the great trailer and for teaching me how to do a fairly decent blog post!

Mary Ann Dames - Reading, Writing, and Recipes

Another great trailer. Can't wait to read the book. Have a great blog tour, Val.


Wow - love the book trailer. Can't wait to read another great book by Valerie Hobbs.


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