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April 06, 2010


Jenny Bailey

Thanks for the tip Tina. You are so blessed to have Mark as an agent.

I'm also going to check out some of your Top 10 picks.

Barbara Bietz

Great tip! Thanks Tina and Mark!

valerie hobbs

Great advice and oh-so-hard to do!!

Kelly Polark

Wonderful tip, and I'm ahead of the game as I've set my ms aside for about three weeks. I'm going to revisit it next week with a fresh eye!

Lori W.

Time and distance are essential for me in revision. Great tip from Mark and thanks Tina!

D.M. Cunningham

Great tip! I try this and then the ms in the drawer haunts me. Ha ha. So I jump on to writing something else and that helps a lot! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Mayhew

Isn't Mark a great guy! I had a skype chat with him in February. :)

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