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March 23, 2010


Joseph Taylor

Nobody could have said it better. Thank you, Susan and Tina. I would add that libraries are also for writers conducting research for films, books, and magazine pieces, nonfiction and fiction. The ripple effects of budget cuts are truly enormous. They affect us all.

Greg Pincus

Thanks Susan and Tina for raising the alarm. Libraries and librarians offer so much that we take for granted. And as we get more and more information, we need to make sure that there are people around and places available for giving it all context. Here's hoping that politicians faced with tough choices make smart ones.

Sylva Natalie Manoogian

As a colleague of Susan's at Los Angeles Public Library (we began our professional careers as children's librarians together), I heartily support her eloquent expression of concern. Public Libraries are irreplaceable; they are indispensable; we must speak out in their defense.

Carol Tanzman

Every time I find a book that I want to read on the library shelf, or reserve a book and get that "book's in" email, or find the exact piece of research material that I need, I marvel at the wonders of the library! And librarians. Fingers crossed that this crisis can be averted.

Lisa Yee

Thanks for this, Susan. Like many, I was a library kid. It was (and is) my second home.

Carl in Charlotte

Hey I'm Carl at the Boys Rule! Boys Read! blog in Charlotte NC. We've got the same problem here. Check out yesterday's post about this at

Lee Wind

This is so well said! "How much we value libraries is a measure of our civilization." Brava, Susan! And thanks, Tina, for giving Susan this platform.
Hopefully, if enough voices are raised, the libraries (and all they do for us) will be not just spared, but honored!

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