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January 06, 2010


Lisa Yee

Tina, see you soon!

Kristi Valiant

Thanks for posting this interview. I had a portfolio critique with Laurent at an SCBWI conference a couple years ago, and I believe his critique truly helped me change the way I looked at my illustrations. I'm excited to have him come to our Indiana SCBWI Picture Book conference in November.

Shellie Braeuner

Having worked with Laurent, I have to say that he is so nice! I met him at an SCBWI conference two yesrs ago, where he took time to talk to me about some projects. I was very pleased when I discovered he would be the art director for my first book!

isaac marzioli

Thanks for sharing! It's hard to find much information as a children's book illustrator (as it is for a writer) an interview like this helps!

Lisa Yee

Laurent rocks!!!

Lee Wind

Hi Tina and Laurent,
Fun interview!
I really liked the distinction made of what children's book illustration does differently - with the focus on storytelling and emotion.
really interesting!

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