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June 09, 2009


linshining Michael Jackson Memorial Michael Jackson Memorial

Barbara Bietz


Pamela is a terrific writer - and Tillmon County Fire is a gripping novel.

Barbara B

Pamela Ehrenberg

Thanks so much, Tina, for the honor of this wonderful interview! And Patricia, thanks so much for understanding (and for implying that a time might arrive in the future when I won't be quite so...encrusted). Thanks again so much for all!

Patricia Cruzan

The information in the blog by Ms. Ehrenberg provided material I can identify with. As a young mother, I can remember food being on me, the floor, and the table. I like chocolate too, and I, like the children mentioned, find crumbs or stains everywhere.

Thank you for sharing the blog with us, Tina and Ms. Ehrenberg.

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