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April 14, 2009


kimberly lynn

That was great fun!

Barbara Jean Hicks

Wow, Tina, I've been getting emails from all over the place about what a great job you did making Walter a leading man! Dan Santat loved it too. You rock, girlfriend!

Debbie Clement

(I still have a zip-code in the dark ages.)
Seeing your pizzaz is absolutely & totally: inspirational. Congrats on such a fantastic piece. Five stars!! Two thumbs up.

Book Chook

Fun trailer, thanks for telling us about it!

Kate Coombs

I'm working on my first book trailer, so it was fun to see what you did--I like it very much! I recently read about the cat whose owners attached a camera to his collar, and his secret life is a secret no more.

Solvang Sherrie

Love the book, love the trailer :^)


Heeeeere kitty, kitty. Oops!
Love this trailer!

Lois V. Harris

Bravo! (applause, applause) You captured Walter's personality. I loved the design and music!
Lois V. Harris



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