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April 17, 2008



I've purchased almost all of Tricia's books and would like to know if she has a website.

Steve Metzger

Hi Tricia,
Did you ever do some teaching in the After School Progam of the Corlears School in NYC?
I believe I remember you there (a bunch of years ago). I was the After School Director.
In any case, admire your work and hope you're doing well.

100mw laser

hello,my friend! It's a good article! so happy to read it!

Aung Min Min

Invite to visit my cartoon gallery to here:

Mark Milstein

Hi, Tricia,

If you remember a little girl you baby sat for, and taught at Corlears School, she all grown up and she became an artist just like you! Caitlin just graduated from NYU with an MFA in Costume Design. Her design illustrations are amazing! She'd love to hear from you. She wrote to you c/o your latest publisher, but to no avail. You can check out her work at the web site above:

Love your work, as ever,

Mark - (her dad)

Ellen Buckman (friend of Suzy Paul-deceased photographer)

I am a fan of Tricia Tusa's illustrations. I've purchased almost all of Tricia's books and would like to know if she has a website.

I recently gave "Bunnies in my Head" to a friend that is recovering from cancer surgery at MDAnderson. She has a cat named Lola. . . My friend loves the illustrations too. . and we would like to frame several of them from Bunnies and Valentine. .Help! Thanks

Elizabeth Janiak

Dear Tricia,
In Ballad of Valentine, on the title page, is that a picture of her admirer that Valentine is dusting?

Please let me know. I loved the book.

Age 7


Another great interview! Thanks, Tina. I especially loved that we got to hear from both the author *and* illustrator!



Thanks for sharing this inspirational interview!



I love that Tricia Tusa knew from age five that she wanted to illustrate books! Wow. I think that sometimes, we don't give enough credit to kids who hold onto dreams until they come true. Thanks for posting this interview!

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