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January 29, 2008


Rhonda Aldrich

you certainly know LAURIE! I've known this dynamic woman since she was just an aspiring writer.... a REAL writer, because she was always WRITING. I remember when she vowed to give up the dream of being a writer if she wasn't published within a year. A year came and went, Laurie was throwing in the towel that had become too wet with tears of rejection. It hurt too much to see those stories come back with a polite, "NO THANK YOU".

But, being the fighter that she is, Laurie kept at it. What else could she do?... SHE IS A WRITER! And a month past her "quitting" deadline, Laurie received a SCHOLARSHIP to attend the HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN Chautauqua Children's Writer's and Illustrators Conference. THAT was the beginning of LAURIE LAZZARO KNOWLTON, PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

What I love and admire most about Laurie is her childlike enthusiasm for Life. She has a gift for making learning fun. The kindergarten teacher in her finds lessons in everything she sees. Laurie has a wondrous joy and passion for writing and she shares it generously with all who want to learn.

It tickles me to hear her excitedly bounce from one idea to the next as her creative juices start flowing... I should say GUSHING.

When you read Laurie's stories, you hear the sing-song rhythm that is her trademark. Her books are perfect for reading aloud.

Barbara Bietz

Laurie is terrific - she is always encouraging and has wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing this with us!


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