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August 14, 2007

Ralph Nader - The 17 Traditions

Ralph_nader Ralph Nader  has made our cars safer, our lives greener and our hearts wiser by refusing to settle for a government "as is".  He has written a new book, The 17 Traditions, about family values that he and we were brought up on and how, in this hectic electronic age, we can bring them back into our lives.  I am honored that consumer advocate, two time presidential candidate and civic organizer, Mr. Ralph Nader agreed to answer a few questions about his new book.

Of the seventeen traditions featured in your book, which three traditions would you recommend a family practice on a daily basis?

Traditions of Listening, Independent Thinking and the Tradition of Civics.

Ralph_promo_useThe last tradition in your book is Civic Duty. With such
incompetence in government these days most people feel helpless to improve things. What can an average person do to be a better citizen?

Read this book to discern how our parents, by their words and example, taught us to do our duty, without waiting for others to precede us; be persistent and learn from our defeats and mistakes how to be more effective the next time.


In the book you speak about your family tradition of storytelling.  Name a story or your favorite book as a child.

Aesop’s Fables


What is your favorite dessert and why?

Ma’mool.  Indescribable. You have to taste it to describe it with mouthfelt hummus


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