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July 18, 2014



Thanks Rita,

The dresses were flawed, but who could tell, I just glue gunned over the bad spots. I felt like the bell of the ball.


Rita Crayon Huang

I had no idea you could go to a Bridal Warehouse and come away with a gown that breathtaking for $15! The final result of artwork was absolutely dazzling. A well-deserved triumph!

You've inspired me!

Cousin Susie

I have always been a fan of wearable art. You have taken it to the next dimension! I'm impressed and congratulate you. I only wish I could been on the treasure hunting adventure. This is right up my alley!

Love you - Susie

Thalia Chaltas

Spectacular, oh my Liege! You and your outstanding art and marvelous imagination have deserved to be queen for many years, and now you have done it. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

(anyone else have glitter in their suitcase??)


In what other business could we all dress up and be so silly. Three cheers for the SCBWI and all my old and new friends for enjoying the performance piece!!!

Rebecca L-G

High-Ho Silver!
You were indeed the sparkliest, most bulb-bedecked belle at the ball! Your two devoted footmen were also most impressive. It was great fun to see you and I can't wait to see what you dream up for next year.
Rebecca Langston-George

Ken Pontac

You deserved your crown! I'll be sending all of our classmates photos and words as soon as my brain stops spinning and the paper bomb that exploded on my desk in my absence gets cleared.

Terry P.

Awesome, Tina. You were absolutely radiant!

Terry P.

Farmer Tomato

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it, but that's just me, and I'm a guy. It's an intensely personal statement, and who can argue with THAT? I hope you don't have to go through any metal detectors in your garment, and fear that it may make it rather unwieldy for you actually to moon anyone, but don't let any of that spoil your good time!

Sarah Hensley

Brava! What a beautiful costume, so cleverly put together and so becoming. I know you will make a big splash with this stunning outfit. Have fun!

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